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ETF Award

Thematic ETF of the Year

ETF.com¹ awarded PLCY “Thematic ETF of the Year”


Invest in long-term policy trends.

The piece of your portfolio you didn't know was missing.

PLCY Investment Strategy







 Here's what .PLCY. can offer


Diversified Growth


EventShares Diversified Growth Chart

strives to provide targeted policy exposure to multiple industry-changing policy themes within one portfolio.


Buy & Hold Strategy


buy & hold PLCY


PLCY evolves as policy themes shift, providing exposure to the latest and most impactful policy themes.


Academic Research

Academic Research PLCY

Academic study
Legislating Stock Prices2 found a portfolio based on legislator’s views earned abnormal returns.




How to use .PLCY.


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Growth Strategy

10-15% of portfolio

PLCY Core Holding

Low correlation of relative return to traditional growth strategies can lower risk and increase return over a full market cycle. 

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Satellite Holding

3-5% of portfolio

PLCY Satalite Holding

Aiming to provide a differentiated return relative to traditional holdings can lower risk and increase return over a full market cycle.


The information herein is general in nature and should not be considered financial advice. An investor should consult a financial professional regarding the investor's specific situation.




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