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EventShares is Different.

EventShares is an investment manager focused legislation, regulation, and fiscal policy coming out of Washington, D.C. In our view, investors too often passively consume policy as a series of one-time, market moving headlines. The EventShares approach reverses this process by first aiming to identify policy winners and losers and then overlaying the firm’s macro viewpoint utilizing both fundamental and quantitative research. 

Our clients include financial advisors, institutions, family offices and high-net-worth individuals. Our principals have made significant investments in our products, which we believe aligns us with our investors and demonstrates our commitment to the investment strategies we employ. For more information about EventShares, please send email to info@EventShares.com.


"EventShares believes truly active management can capture long-term investment opportunities resulting from legislative and regulatory policy catalysts. EventShares Active ETFs are designed to capture long-term appreciation and alpha uncorrelated to traditional indices."
Ben Phillips, CFA | Founder & CIO






POLICY Disruption

Policy disruption occurs when changing rules and regulations alter industry dynamics, business models and global economics. By researching current and pending legislation, investors can gain a deeper understanding of potential policy catalysts (positive or negative). 




EventShares believes (1) policy is a powerful leading indicator and catalyst for companies, and (2) that investments aligned correctly with Washington can outperform the market.



Repeatable process

Our primary goal is to provide every client with the optimal exposure to capture policy catalysts. This entails a rigorous process that draws on the collective expertise of each member of EventShares Investment Committee.